Heavy duty sacks for high-speed packing

Any packing operation that uses heavy duty sacks for its products looks for three essential factors in its packaging: strength, economy and the ability to pack quickly and keep the production line moving. The sacks must be easy to fill and tough enough to remain intact during various stages of transport, loading and unloading. 

Bags that are designed to carry relatively large amounts of products such as animal feed, sand, gravel, etc. must be made with high performance in mind. Heavy-duty sacks are specifically designed to carry the weight of these goods. The benefits of these sacks include: 

  • Versatility and flexibility. The mechanical properties of these polymers are tailored to suit different applications.
  • Exceptionally high package strength and integrity that is maintained throughout the packing and transit processes.
  • Optimum stability, even when stacked on pallets or shelves for long periods of time. 
  • Excellent  sealability for fast packing speeds.
  • MAP (Modified atmospheric packaging) available to extend product shelf life.

Engineered strength for a broad range of uses

NPP’s heavy duty sacks are stronger than traditional LDPE poly bags. They can be used for a wide range of applications, including fertiliser sacks, rubble sacks, aggregator sacks, animal feed sacks and sand bags.

We can offer heavy duty sacks in white and clear, converted into open mouth bags, as well as continuous tubing for automatic bagging systems.

With continued development of polymer technology, we have value-engineered our heavy-duty bags down to 100mu for applications and still enable customers to pack at high speeds. Blends have also been developed that can offer a cost-effective replacement of paper sacks. The sacks are also easily printable for your logos and other branding, with up to 8 different colours, including photography.

NPP provides a complete range of packaging products for a variety of industries across the United Kingdom. For more information on heavy duty sacks and NPP’s other packaging solutions, contact us today.