High-Quality Packaging Products for Every Industry

No matter what product you supply, you need packaging – which is why you need to know about the most versatile supplier of product packaging in the UK.

NPP Group specialises in the provision of packaging for all industries. We have the expertise and capacity to supply custom packaging solutions after a careful assessment of your company’s needs. Take a look at some of the products we offer to the following industries.


The priority in the food industry is packaging that protects and maintains freshness while also presenting products attractively. Our film packaging and paper packaging solutions are all fit for this dual purpose. Whatever you are looking to package – meat, produce, dairy, fish, deli products, bakery goods, cookery ingredients or ready-made meals, you will find the solution you need at NPP.


While NPP Group does not supply bottles for the packaging of beverages, we do offer the film labels needed to brand your drink containers, as well as the shrink wrap you need for secondary packaging. We also provide bag-in-a-box solutions for the packing and transportation of bulk liquids. 


The agriculture sector needs dependable packaging to ship large amounts of grain and other essential primary products. For this purpose, we offer a range of packaging that includes heavy-duty sacks, form fill and seal film and FIBCs. We also supply films and machines needed for the packing of pallets.


Large-scale industry, like construction, needs to move large volumes of goods. We have FIBCs (1, 2 and 4 loop varieties), heavy-duty bags and other solutions, as well as a comprehensive range of secondary packaging, and packing and sealing machines. 


Many of our solutions can be used across all industries. These include bags, sacks, wraps, void fill products, as well as tapes, strapping and various machines.

Pharmaceutical and medical

Our custom solutions can be used to pack medications and other pharmaceutical products. We also provide solutions to minimise risk and ensure and preserve the quality of products in the laboratory or hospital environments.

NPP Group is your one-stop solution for all your packaging needs. Browse our range of offerings or contact us for more information about product packaging in the UK.

October 20, 2020