How the food industry can preserve freshness

Extending the shelf life of products is one of the most important goals in the food industry.  Packaging designed to preserve freshness constantly improves to give foods longer sell-by dates and prevent wastage and product recall. Old techniques such as canning have been tried and tested and are incredibly effective at keeping foods healthy and palatable for years. However, the trend among consumers is for fresh foods rather than canned or preserved ones. People want access to fresh foods, but the demands of modern living make it virtually impossible to go out and purchase fresh produce every day. Suppliers need to stock and transport foods that remain genuinely fresh for an extended period, without the need for preservation methods that alter the nature and taste of the food. Techniques such as vacuum sealing and modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) are among the techniques used to extend product life – and they are remarkably effective. 

No matter what specific technique or packaging design a food producer selects to preserve their products, they all have one thing in common: they all use some form of freshness barrier to seal in freshness and keep air and microbes at bay. In addition to supplying machines that can be added to production and packaging lines, NPP also provides a variety of wraps and films. 

Recyclable barrier films

Plastic barrier films and shrink films are highly effective at preserving freshness, however many are not easily recyclable. Packaging designers are always generating new, innovative solutions, though, and there are now several products available that can effectively preserve freshness while having a minimal impact on the environment.

NPP supplies a line of recyclable barrier films that can be used for FFS applications and to package foods such as grated cheese, potatoes and spices. These films are essential in preserving product freshness, extending shelf life, and ensuring product safety. Besides offering freshness-preserving qualities of traditional plastic barrier film, NPP’s recyclable alternative appeals to environmentally-minded consumers and supports the circular economy. It is a recyclable packaging solution that preserves your products and can easily be formed into an attractive package that is a worthy representative of your brand. 

For more information on recyclable barrier films and other packaging solutions to preserve the freshness of your foods, contact NPP.