Flexible Intermedia Bulk Containers (FIBCs), better known as bulk bags, big bags, super sacks or tonne bags, are exactly what you need to store bulk quantities of dry goods such as powders, aggregates, fertilisers, fibre glass, grain, chemicals, various food items and construction materials such as sand, gravel or cement. Made from thick woven polypropylene, our FIBCs are tough and durable.

With our FIBCs, you can transport large quantities of your product, shipping them from warehouse to retailer or the end-user safely and with strong protection against the elements. The materials, functions, shapes and sizes of the bags vary broadly depending on your requirements, making up a range of flexible bulk storage solutions.

FIBCs can be as simple as an open top with a flat base used commonly within the building industry or as a high-tech unit produced within a clean room production environment to be used within the food/pharmaceutical industries. Most importantly, each FIBC is manufactured to your specific requirements.

NPP’s FIBCs come in the following varieties:

1 and 2 Loop FIBCs

Cost-effective storage and carriage for a variety of products. Available in varieties with one or two lifting loops, coated or uncoated, with or without liners.

4 Loop FIBCs

A wide range of solutions for many industries from construction to food or pharmaceuticals. Includes the Q-bag, Gambo Big Bag and Net Baffle Bag.

Ventilated Big Bags 

Manufactured with permeable fabric to allow the bags to “breathe” without sacrificing strength and durability.

Conductive Big Bags

Available in three varieties. These are designed to prevent static discharges that could result in a fire hazard. 

For more information about NPP Group’s big bags and our other products, don’t hesitate to contact us.