NPP Group offers the best range of packaging supplies in the UK. All of those small but all-important packaging aids you need to complete your packing jobs, from tapes to polyester thread, are available here.

Packaging Supplies UK


The packing job is not complete until you have securely wrapped, taped and sealed your packages. As one of the most trusted and comprehensive UK packaging suppliers, NPP offers the following: 


For repairing, fixing and securing packaging. We have the tape to suit your needs, ranging from cloth and cross weave tapes to double-sided, duct, electrical/PTFE, foam, foil, high bond, masking, packaging, plate mounting and protection tapes.


We supply the polyester thread for use on bag closing machines and bag closing lines. Our threads feature a high breaking strength and are designed to ensure maximum machine-based production capability.

Stretch banding

These films are used to bundle products of various kinds and to protect packages during transport. This is an economical alternative to tape, strapping and string. Flexible and with adjustable tension, stretch film banding can fit the needs of any product. Banding film’s elastic memory means it can stretch significantly from its original length. The film tries to return to its original shape and form after wrapping, resulting in a tight and secure wrap. This process ensures bundles will not come undone or need to be rewrapped during transport.

NPP is one of the leading packaging suppliers in the UK. If you are unsure what product you need for your packaging needs, feel free to contact us. Tell us what you want to do, and we will advise on your options.

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