You need one or more packaging machines to make your packaging easier, more secure and more precise. NPP Group is one of the leading suppliers of packaging machinery in the UK. We offer a range of packing machines that will help you perfect your packing operations. Our diverse range of packaging machinery solutions include sealing, shrinkwrap, pallet wrap machines, and much more. Read more about it below.

Packaging Machinery Solutions


Sealing Machines

Prepare your products to move to the next stage of the supply chain by sealing them tight against dust, moisture, friction and impact. From tabletop tray sealers to power sealers, we can provide the convenient and powerful sealing solutions you need. 

Shrinkwrap Machines

Whether you want something compact and convenient or big enough to move bulk shipments fast, NPP has you covered.

Bakery Machines

Especially for the food industry, our range of slicers and wrappers will help you to not only fill your orders fast but also to keep your products fresh.

Shop Machines

For wrapping, sealing and capping in supermarkets, delis and fast food stores. Hand or machine wrap everything from fruit and vegetables to meats and bakery items.

Vacuum and Gas Flushing Machines 

Seal your products tight with our variety of vacuum packing machinery, including hot water dip tanks, gas flush sealers and inline belt vacuum packers.

Pallet Wrap Machines 

Seal up your pallets quickly and efficiently with this range of wrapping machines. Whatever your budget, you will find the machine that suits you. Our range includes spinny wrappers and ergonomic wrappers, as well as a self-propelled pallet wrapper.

NPP Group is the most trusted supplier of packaging machinery in the UK. Browse our range of packing machines or take a look at our range of other products. You can trust us with your packaging machinery needs. Contact us today for any information you need on packaging machinery, as well as our full range of packaging and shipping supplies.