Make Custom Packaging Part of an Effective Marketing Strategy

Custom packaging is not only about packing and preserving your products. It should also form an integral part of your branding and marketing strategy. NPP can help you create packaging that makes your products stand out on the retail shelves and work seamlessly with your marketing campaigns. Here are five of the best ways to make custom packaging a part of your marketing plan. 

1. Integrate your packaging with your social media presence

If you haven’t yet grasped how integral social media is to your marketing efforts, it might be time that you do so. Your social media presence is vital to building awareness for your brand – and your packaging can help you build your following. When you design the branding that you plan to have printed on your packaging film, bags or whichever containers are most appropriate for your product, remember to include your social media accounts and your hashtags. Also, be sure to create Insta-worthy packaging that customers will want to share on their social media channels. 

2. Be eco-friendly

Aside from creating quality products, there are few things that will score more points for you than adopting eco-friendly practices in your business – including in your packaging choices. Source recyclable and/or sustainable packaging to carry, protect and present your products.

3. Match your packaging to your ad campaigns

Instead of making generic packaging that stays the same for years, customise the designs each time you launch a new advertising campaign. An effective marketing strategy synergises several elements, from online marketing to TV advertising, and beyond. That includes packaging that matches the branding and content of your ad campaigns.

4. Add promotional elements to your packaging

Everybody loves a giveaway or a contest – and your packaging is an important part of any giveaway campaign. Include coupon codes, competition elements, secret URLs or QR codes in your packaging.

5. Creating seasonal packaging

Always make sure that your packaging is in line with the time of year. If your packaging never changes, your customers can become ‘numb’ to it after a while. With special seasonal packaging, you show that your brand stays current and is always ready to join in the spirit of the occasion. You also help your products to remain distinctive and visible on the shelves. 

NPP is a supplier of flexible packaging for a variety of industries across the UK. Contact us to find out more about our affordable and effective custom packaging solutions.