Why buy packing materials and machinery from the same industrial packaging company?

There are any number of suppliers from whom you can source industrial packaging materials (obviously not all of comparable quality). At the same time, you can also buy your packing machinery from multiple vendors. When you choose your suppliers, why not find one that can supply both your machinery and your packing materials? Here are four reasons why you should.

You can simplify your acquisition processes

When you source your machinery and your materials from the same vendor, you reduce the amount of time you spend on ordering, purchasing, service calls, maintenance and so on. You deal with one company for all your needs.

Single-stream customer service

Find one vendor with good customer service can be challenging enough. When you have to find multiple vendors that maintain a similar level of service, the task becomes even more complicated. If you find one company that covers all your packaging bases, you only have to deal with one customer service department.

Less paperwork

Using the same company for both your machinery and your packing materials means that everything is coming from a single source. All transactions are traceable back to that source, are much easier to collate and audit, and are spread across fewer documents. You can reduce the soft costs associated with ordering, delivery, service and maintenance. 

One representative for everything

When you source all your packaging supplies from a single supplier, you have the advantage of dealing with a single representative who will manage your account and everything it includes. Over time, you will develop a relationship with your rep, who will also gain an in-depth knowledge of your business and what it needs to run. This kind of relationship can result in faster turnaround times, and a good rep could even learn to anticipate your needs, whether it’s a restock of shrink film or a spare part for your sealing machine.

If you are looking for a vendor that can supply you with both quality packing materials and packing machinery, contact NPP Group. We offer comprehensive industrial packaging solutions, including machines, wrappings, corrugated, films, bags, pouches and more.