Why Choose Sustainable Packaging for Your Business?

As a product manufacturer, you are likely looking at ways to reduce your company’s carbon footprint. Not only is it the right thing to do, but it’s a key deciding factor for customers when choosing which companies to buy from. Do your part in protecting the planet by switching to sustainable packaging. Here’s why:

Millennials are more likely to support you

Millennials, which are people born between 1981 and 1996, make up the biggest portion of the world population, are committed to implementing Sustainable Development Goals, which include climate change. This group’s consumption trends are different from those of previous generations. Not only do they invest in and work for companies who have embraced sustainable business practices, but this socially conscious group are loyal to companies who care about their impact on society.

According to the Sustainable Management School of Switzerland, millennials are arguably the most concerned generation when it comes to environmental sustainability and social issues, as they are the first generation to have grown up in a world where climate change is part of the daily international dialogue. Regardless of the industry you are in – if you want to make sure your brand resonates with no less than 30% of the global population, sustainability should be at the top of your generation.

Meet procurement requirements

An increasing number of businesses are asking sustainability-related questions. If you want to be part of leading supply chains, then it’s time to make sure your packaging is sustainable. 

Manage risks

Sustainability is also about making sure your business is better protected from today’s risks and that it can respond to the challenges and opportunities of tomorrow. The more sustainable your supply chain, the better you will be able to adapt to future demands and needs.

NPP offers sustainable packaging materials for the food, drink and pharmaceutical industries and more. Contact us for more information today.

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